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That’s right  a good carpet cleaner is good for you. Many studies have confirmed that the dirt in carpets has a direct impact on air quality (1,2)  . So by cleaning carpets we help improve the air that you are breathing in.

You may be wondering how this can be. How can our carpets have an effect on the air that we breathe? We don’t put our face down next to the carpet and breathe in after all. Well we don’t have to. They dirt in most carpets is very dry and a large proportion of it is very, very small. As we walk around our homes and places of work the impact of our feet push these very small particles into the air. Then we breathe them in.

There are three major parts to the dirt;

  1. Dead house dust mite, our dead skin flakes and the dander from the house dust mite. The house dust mite eats our dead skin cell and then they leave their droppings behind.
  2. The dirt we put there. The things we drop on the carpet and the dirt we carry in on our shoes.
  3. The airborne pollutants that settle in a room when we’re not there. Pollens, dust, fumes which are carried on the breeze and when the air is still it all settles on our carpets. Not to mention all our soft furnishings.

Regular carpet clean from a good carpet cleaner is good for you because it improves the quality of the air you are breathing. A modern hot water extraction carpet machine lifts all this dirt out of your carpet. Now when you walk across your carpets you aren’t creating plumes of dirty dust clouds behind you.

The more often you have your carpets cleaned the cleaner the air you are breathing. For asthma sufferers this is likely to help their symptoms.  So carpet cleaning is good for you. I hope you found this helpful.

By Jake Vanoorschot ( Professional carpet cleaner)


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