Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

A Commercial Carpet Cleaner you can trust

To deliver stunning results even on difficult to clean carpet tiles ! 

We take huge pride in our high quality commercial carpet cleaning services. Our prices are not normally associated with commercial cleaners, because we control our overheads ensuring that you get value for money. Our carpet cleaning has gained an outstanding reputation in Doncaster due to its high quality and value for money. If you want references no problem. 

Commercial Carpet cleaning

Using the most powerful portable combination hot water extraction/ scrubbing carpet cleaning equipment available, along with top quality, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, our trained and experienced technicians will clean carpets throughout your business premises.

The results are stunning. Using our carpet cleaning services on a regular
basis not only helps you maintain cleanliness but also increases the life of your carpets.

Our carpet cleaning services benefit your premises in the following ways:

Deep down clean carpets:

  • Create a healthier working environment by removing allergens that normal vacuuming does not
  • Give your staff a brighter, fresher working environment
  • Help you present a top class image to visitors

Our Standard Method

High Power Vacuum

The first step of our carpet cleaning service is the removal of dry dust and dirt from the carpet. We vacuum your carpet with a professional twin motor, high power machine to extract as many particles as possible.

Treatment of Traffic Lanes 

Traffic lane cleaner is applied to high traffic areas to start the cleaning process. This helps in the release of heavy soil and grease from the traffic lane areas and makes our carpet cleaning efficient and effective.

Stain Removal 

Cleaning solutions, which we carefully select for your particular carpet, are applied. Specific stain removing products are also applied to any spot stains present. Without any additional charge: pet stains, wine stains, coffee and tea stains etc. are removed. This ensures that your carpet will be totally clean once our hot water deep extraction machine completes its work.

Hot water deep extraction ( and mechanically scrubbing in commercial premises) We use hot water deep extraction, the cleaning method recommended by leading carpet manufacturers. This removes the dirt from deep down in the pile of your carpet, extracting odours and allergens as the wand glides over your carpets.

Pile Grooming

Finally we groom the carpet pile, leaving it looking its very best. Your carpets are now deep down clean, fresh as a daisy and look like new.

We can clean your office upholstery and any leather sofas and chairs. Your office chairs can really benefit from a simple and effective clean. We can clean them overnight so they are ready the next day.