Leather Furniture and Leather Sofa Cleaning

Leather Sofa cleaning and Leather Furniture Cleaning you can trust.

Proclean your local family run leather furniture cleaning company, we are your local high class leather sofa cleaner.  We offer:

  •         Prompt service
  •         The best quality 4 stage cleaning
  •          Highly competitive pricing
  •         Amazing clean leather furniture
  •         Safe and advance cleaning process
  •         Fully insured
  •         Guaranteed service

We offer Leather furniture cleaning from our base in Doncaster across South and West Yorkshire. Leather furniture has become more popular than ever. It looks wonderful and will last for many years.


Leather is in fact incredibly durable, a natural material that is low maintenance, timeless and is more affordable than ever. Proclean are a leather sofa and Upholstery cleaner you can trust to deliver outstanding results.

This is where our 4-stage process comes into its own.

 1. We apply a pre- clean treatment. This gets the cleaning process off to a flying start

2.Then we use an intensive clean and feed. This completes the cleaning and starts the feeding process.
3. Next we use an intensive conditioning cream to complete the feeding of your leather furniture.
4. Finally we apply a starburst finishing balm to the key areas.

Why have your Leather furniture cleaned?

With a little care and attention, your leather will look fantastic and last for years. There are however two key elements to keeping your leather furniture looking its best: firstly have your leather professional cleaned and second have your leather given an appropriate feed. Yes, that’s right feed. This is where our 4-stage process comes into its own. The cleaning process and the feeding process are both vital to the short and long-term condition of your leather furniture. Our process repeats both these elements at least twice.

The cleaning processes makes the leather look great while feeding processes replaces the natural oils that are lost over time from the surface of the leather. We use top quality materials to put the oils back into the leather and so keep it flexible and supple for years to come. This prevents the cracking that is so often the downfall of leather furniture.

Why Proclean?

A Proclean specialist will clean your leather furnishings, who will take into account the type of leather your suite is made from and selects the optimum approach required to give your leather furniture the gentle cleaning and feed it needs. Your investment will be protected and look its best for a long, long time.

For all your leather, cleaning needs let Proclean be the company you trust. Our specialists will gently but effectively clean your leather upholstery and feed with just the right balance of nutrients to keep your upholstery look and feel fabulous for years to come.

We are totally focused on providing a high-quality leather cleaning service. We do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations. By Jake Vanoorschot