Mattress Cleaning & Protection

Why clean and protect your mattress?

Accidents happen and from time to time we may all need to have a mattress cleaned. However even mattresses that look clean also need to be cleaned. Unfortunately all beds are the home and breeding ground for literally millions of house dust mites, which feed on the small flakes of skin we shed as we sleep.

The excrement of the house dust mite, the fungi that grow on it and the spores they produce can be harmful. It is a major contributory factor to asthma, eczema, perennial rhinitis (prolonged hay fever type symptoms) and sinusitis. Cleaning removes most of the dust mite and their dander. Protection- using Mattress Medic- kills 99.9% of house dust mites and provides long term protection against re-infestation.

At Proclean we offer a mattress cleaning service that ensures that pests such as house dust mite, which will be present in your mattress, and fleas or bed bugs, that may be present in your mattress, are eliminated

Mattress Cleaning Process

  1. We vacuum your mattress, which removes the loose dead skin cells, dust mites and faecal materials.
  2. Your mattress is thoroughly cleaned using our hot water (65oC) extraction cleaning process.
  3. Drying is accelerated using a powerful air mover.
  4. We then spray your mattress with Mattress Medic using an ultra-fine high pressure sprayer. This eliminates dust mites, fleas, bed bugs, moths, ants etc  and gives lasting protection. It also prevents  future infestations,remaining effective until removed by washing, providing long lasting protection

Mattress Medic delivers!

Mattress Medic kills the majority of dust mites on contact and by depositing a long lasting barrier that interrupts the dust mite food chain – kills 99.9% over a 7 day period.

 Mattress Medic will continue to work until removed by washing or extraction cleaning.